Bicentennial gift to the community.

Aquatic Mural

Children's Park

Old Gallatin Road Side Park, Scottsville KY

Welcome to Scottsville Art Guild!

Activities & Classes

Scottsville Art Guild offers many opportunities for the community to participate in art: FREE classes at the library, workshops, community murals, and ArtWalks downtown.


Take a stroll through our virtual gallery. You'll find outstanding works of art by award winning artists. If you see something you'd like to buy, please contact the artist!!! Enjoy! (Artwork by Jacqueline Berry.)


Don't miss out! Check our listings of area exhibits, competitions, and ongoing opportunities for artists. We provide dates, deadlines, and links for more information.


Find out the latest news and what's been happening within the Guild. Our artists are busy interacting in the community and throughout the state, so check this page often for the latest updates!

Welcome Scottsville Art Guild

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