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SOKY November 2016 Cover Pages.indd

December: SOKY Happenings’ chose Jane Ward Kehrt's adorable painting entitled “Santa Bearing Gifts” for their December 2016 issue. Jane said, “I wanted to show Santa’s happiness on Christmas Eve, leaving gifts in a warm fire-lit room. This is my idea of how Santa would look." Well done, Jane!

SOKY November 2016 Cover Pages.indd

November: “Summer’s End”, a watercolor by Nadine Wilkerson, "is a study of both abstract and realism: painting the background was done by ‘throwing’ the paint, while the barn was painted with multiple detailed transparent layers of watercolor."

August: Once again, SOKY Happenings has honored our artists! This month, Jane Jane. SOKY Aug 2016Ward Kehrt landed the artist profile, and Anna P. Edwards made the cover! "I have always loved painting and drawing. The feel of pencil on paper is delightful. Layering colors on paper, wet paint flowing and mixing on the paper is exciting. Weaving, pottery and sculpture are other forms of art I have tried, but painting and drawing are my main interests." 

SOKY cover, 7-2016

SOKY artist profile 7-2016

July:  Two Guild members were honored in the July issue of SOKY Happenings. "Keeping Watch" a little watercolor by Jean Combs-Henry made the cover. Turn to page 6 to view artwork by  Carol Thompson. "I think my first interest and appreciation in art and color was when I stayed with one of my aunts at her summer cottage at a mountain lake in Pennsylvania during the summers as a teenager.”

2016 Juried Photography and Art Exhibit. Congratulations to Chandra Carter! Her drawing of "Granny" won the Silver Award for Excellence at the Glema Mahr Center for the Arts in Madisonville. KY.

SOKY Feb 2016March: Congratulations to Thelma Williams for landing the March cover of SOKY! According to Thelma, “I paint as a hobby and I am self-taught...I have been with the Scottsville Art Guild for 25 years, and this painting was a challenge just to see if I could paint it. I get inspired by the beauty of nature and painting opens up the world that few people ever really get to see with its use of color."

Soky cover 1-2016 Katie KelleyJanuary: Congratulations to Katie Kelley for landing the first SOKY Happenings cover for 2016! “Winter Woods I” makes an absolutely stunning cover on this regional magazine. It's an 11”x14” acrylic on canvas board, painted with a palette knife. Katie originally began oil painting in 1988, then switched to acrylic 15 years ago. She has a few paintings for sale and can be contacted at 270-622-9425.

2016 USBank Celebration of the Arts Exhibit. Congratulations to our SAG members for their awards at this prestigious art exhibit!  Steve Clay got 1st place in professional Watercolor, and Chandra Carter won 3rd place in amateur Works on Paper.

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