Summer’s End Art Show

2016 Award Winners of the 26th Summer’s End Art Show

BOS:  Lorie Short Tears of God

ELAYA Kristina Cvijanovic Steampunk hair

Youth (Ages 6-9)

1st  Miley Doss Lovely Owl

2nd  Ellie Miller Mountain Majesty

3rd  Quinn Hartman Poppies

HM Rowen Dedman  Lady and the Gentleman

Youth (Ages 10-13)

1st  Libby Stratton Midnight Lights

2nd  Emma Vick The Ocean

3rd  Kylee Emery Old Memories

HM Jade Dedman The Meadow

Youth (Ages 14-17)

1st  Keika Nishuima  Galaxy Flower

2nd  Savannah Catalan  The Jump

3rd  Madison Phillips  The Man Who Fell to Earth

HM Amy Ngo  On the Lake

Amateur Acrylic

1st  Delois Moore Flower

2nd  Beverly Avery Pea Cock

3rd  Carla Cash Three Sisters

HM  Yvonne Copas The Choir

Amateur Mixed Media

1st  Catherine Hauskins Day Dreaming

2nd  Catherine Hauskins Color Me Beautiful

3rd  Faith Connolly Woods

HM  Christine Travis Cyber Trash

Amateur Oil

1st  Janet Elliott Beach Path

2nd  Thelma Bloomin' Lilies

3rd  Janet Elliott Mike Lee's Teton

HM  Robert Shoop Brigadoon Awakening

Amateur Photo / Digital Art

1st  Amanda West Snow at Bear Lake

2nd Amanda West Almost Unnoticed

3rd  Ric Federico Stone Lake

HM Kathy Williams Green within the Falls

Amateur Works on Paper

1st  Melissa Spears Marilyn

2nd Melissa Spears The King

3rd  Jessica Tuttle Up in Your Business

HM  Faith Connolly Cotton Candy

Amateur Watercolor

1st  Catherine Hauskins Thinking Clearly

2nd Catherine Hauskins Twisted Up

3rd  Mary-Garnett Richey Floyd

HM  Mary-Garnett Richey Kentucky Winter

Professional Oil

1st  Lynn Robertson Marshes

2nd Pamm Douglas Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

3rd  Edd Williams Midway School / Church

HM  Edd Williams Walking Into the Past-Sweeden

Professional Acrylic

1st  Aleta Foster Forest Crown

2nd Myra Dwyer Desolate

3rd  Jamie Vernon Pastel Hillside

HM Jamie Vernon Geometric

Professional Mixed Media

1st  Jamie Vernon Red Leaves

2nd Lorie H Short Waters of Flint

3rd  Jamie Vernon A View from Hubble

HM  Lynette Haggbloom Playa Dust

Professional Watercolor

1st  Jane Ward Kehrt Fall on Elkhorn Creek

2nd Jane Ward Kehrt Peter's Creek

3rd  Anna P Edwards Fall on the Farm

HM  Anna P Edwards Koi

Professional Photo / Digital Art

1st  Cheree Federico A River Runs Through It

2nd Scott Gilbert Joppa Missionary Baptist Church

3rd  Marsha Holm Sunset Over Pond

HM  Cheree Federico Aquiline Cat Eye

Professional Works on Paper

1st  Chandra Carter Granny

2nd Jane Ward Kehrt Townhouse at Gratz Park

3rd  Sharon DeGiovanni  Autumn Leaves

HM  Katie Adams  George

Artwork submitted to the Summer's End Art Show may be photographed for publicity purposes.

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