25th Summer’s End Art Show

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2015 Juror: Tim Smith earned his MFA from the University of Mississippi. He currently teaches as a Professor of Art at Lindsey Wilson College, in Columbia, KY.  “Very good work overall, I was impressed with the range of media and depth of talent demonstrated in the works submitted for exhibition.” http://timsmithart.com

DSC056782015 BOS & ELAYAAward Winners

Best of Show: Steve Clay, “1948 Chevy”

Evelyn Law Aspiring Young Artist:
Natassja Jackson, “Ciera Harrold Portrait”

Youth (6-9)Y-1
1st Kaydance Hauskins, “Untitled”
2nd Ella Anderson, “The Sunset”
3rd Kallie Richer, “WhOo'S There”
HM Ally Anderson, “The Rainbow”

Youth (10-13)Y-2
1st Daphnica Wood, “Pig”
2nd Ryan Ghent, “Snowy Night”
3rd Brayden Richer, “Hope”
HM Kylee Emery, “Great Pumpkin”

Youth (14-17)Y-3Y-3 back panel
1st Keiko Nishijima, “Colorful Leaves”
2nd MaKenzie Clark, “10/27”
3rd Ilmira Mirzayeua, “Shy”
HM Christian McDaniel, “Come Apart”
HM Ciera Harrod, “Toyota Camry”

Amateur AcrylicsA-Acrylic
1st Christine Travis, “Contentment”
2nd Yvonne Copas, “Moo Cow”
3rd Gloria Shipley, “Summer Wine”
HM Phillip Kissinger, “Night Ice”

Amateur WatercolorA-WC
1st Thelma Williams, “Through my Eyes”
2nd Janet Elliott, “Flowing Brook”
3rd Anne Newton, “A Quiet Place”

Amateur B&W/MonochromaticA - B&W-Monochrome
1st James McInnis, “Mocking Bird”
2nd Faith Connolly, “Taylor Swift”
3rd Jean Combs-Henry, “Dolphins Down Under”
HM Robert Shoop, “Pink Rose”

Amateur Mixed MediaA-MM
1st Catherine Hauskins, “Stained Glass”
2nd Mark Haeringer, “Fish”
3rd Jamie Malley, “Apple Basket”

Amateur OilA-Oil
1st Thelma Williams, “Bowl of Garlic”
2nd Patty Barnes, “Yara Valley"
3rd Robert Shoop, “Cumberland Park Road”
HM Margaret Cook, “Seaward”

Amateur PhotographyA-Photos
1st Catherine Grapes, “Mustard Seed”
2nd Meah Jessup, “Past, Present and Future”
3rd Ricardo Federico, “Dusk on the Ohio”
HM Carla Daniel, “Mickey”

Amateur Works on PaperA-WoP
1st Teresa Dedman, “Tree of Death”
2nd James McInnis, “Sunfish”
3rd Gary Cardwell, “Old Country Church”

MinisAmateur Miniatures
1st Kathy McClusky, “Winter's Eve”
2nd Marsha Holm, “The Sunflower & the Bee”
3rd Robert Shoop, “Lake Hideaway”
Professional Miniatures
1st Chandra Carter, “Grassy Knoll”
2nd Chandra Carter, “Living Jewel”
3rd Pamm Douglas, “Her Bed?”
3rd Kim Soule, “Red Poppy”
HM Aleta Foster, “White Flowers”

Professional AcrylicP-AcrylicP-acrylics croped
1st Myra Dwyer, “Shut Up and Dance”
2nd LaDonna Wilson, “That Crazy Dog!”
3rd Heather Viramontes, “Cutie Pie”
HM Lynette Haggbloom, “Dominant”

Professional PhotographyP-Photography
1st Cheree Federico, “Tea Time Nostalgia”
2nd Cheree Federico, “Touched by Rain”
3rd Scott Gilbert, “Monument Valley”
HM Marsha Holm, “Wild Primrose”

Professional Mixed MediaP-MM
1st Steve Clay, “#3”
2nd Lynn Robertson, “Google Map: Power Plant”
3rd Lynn Robertson, “Google Map: Grand Canyon”

Professional WatercolorP-WCP-watercolors
1st Steve Clay, “Waiting for the Bus”
2nd Jane Ward Kehrt, “Spring on Elkhorn Creek”
3rd Anna P Edwards, “Let's Eat”

Professional OilP-Oils
1st Lynn Robertson, “Plano Exit: Stubble”
2nd Kim Soule, “Misty Morning in the Woods”
3rd Jacqueline Berry, “Tree In Portrait”
HM Claude Robertson, “Circus”
HM Robert Grapes, “Death”

Professional B&W/Monochromatic P WoP, B&W
1st Chandra Carter, “Zoe”
2nd Katie Adams, “Wobbly Start”
3rd Katie Adams, “Really?”
Professional Works on Paper
1st Lynette Haggbloom, “Balanced”
2nd Steve Clay, “Amish Boy on Wagon”
3rd Anna P Edwards, “Staples Mill”
HM Tonya Tuttle, “River Ride”
HM Robert Grapes, “Speed”


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